Evaluation of overall financial situation

GSI’s services begin with intensive planning that encompasses the investor’s short and long terms goals. We carefully structure each relationship around a plan which evaluates the client’s overall financial situation, specifically:

  • Determines the client’s investment objectives
  • Projects the client’s liquidity needs over an extended period of time
  • Defines the client’s appetite for risk whilst assessing all the external factors which may pose a threat to current assets and future goals

Formulation of investment strategy

Based on the evaluation, we determine an appropriate asset allocation strategy. This configuration aims to offer the highest expected return for a defined level of risk. Through this approach, we hope to mitigate downside risk when markets are declining and hope to capture the upside in rising markets.

Ongoing portfolio management

Investors’ portfolios are continuously monitored. We review periodically with the client to ensure that the plan remains an accurate summary of the goals, that its underlying risk assumptions remain valid.

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